Calvin Ball — more thoughts about rules, but in the kitchen

2 thoughts on “Calvin Ball — more thoughts about rules, but in the kitchen”

  1. I like to differentiate between principles and rules. And then rules are derivatives of principles. And the greatest principle is to love God, and love one another,

    Then rules become “recipes” that are easy to follow and remember and use in a certain context. Turning right on the red, then doesn’t need to be derived from first principles, but is a generalised rule which we can use without thinking. Too much.

    But becoming pedantic, and insisting that pedestrians get out your way, is not going to work.

    • Thanks for adding to the discussion, Piet.
      Continuing with your traffic analogy, having the right to go on a green light doesn’t mean you should. Someone else may have the idea that going through a red light is their right. So, while you might be in the right, being dead right doesn’t help you.

      New Hampshire has, or at least used to have, a law that says you can’t pass anyone on the right — even on a 2-lane highway. I saw more bottlenecks because someone was effectively asleep at the wheel and driving at or below the speed limit in the left lane and people wouldn’t pass them on the right, because it was the law. To me, that’s a rule that’s meant to be broken or bent. And without it being a recipe for trouble or disaster.


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