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You agree you are committed to improving your life and will participate fully in each of your 12 coaching sessions. One-on-One Coaching is an intense experience where you are pushed to achieve your own stated goals. You acknowledge that there’s work to be done outside the sessions to get the most out of your coaching. This can be challenging and even uncomfortable. To keep you committed you agree that there are no refunds available once you begin the coaching. You may¬†pause the coaching sessions in case of emergency, but each 12-session coaching program must be completed within one year of purchase, or your fees, or any portion thereof, will be forfeit.

You agree to be available at each scheduled coaching session, and understand and agree that if you miss a session without providing 48 hours notice, the scheduled session will still count toward your 12 sessions. You agree that each session is one hour, and if you need to go over that allotted time for any reason, that time may be deducted from future sessions. (Group coaching sessions are allotted 1.5 hours.)

You understand and agree that this coaching program is about improving your life, and reaching new levels of performance and potential. You understand and agree that coaching is not therapy, not about rehashing your past over and over, and not about professional legal, medical, psychological, or financial advice. You understand and agree the coaching is about what you can do now, and in the future, to experience more energy, success, and fulfillment in life. You understand and agree that your results are up to you, and by law your coach cannot guarantee your results in life or business, so your coach cannot be held liable under any circumstances for your results or actions.

You understand and agree that you may decide after your first session that the coaching isn’t for you, and may cancel the rest of your sessions before you complete that first session and receive a refund of your fee, less a $150 processing fee.

You understand and agree that at the end of your 12 sessions you will have the option of continuing your momentum and mastery. Upon agreement with your coach, you can schedule more sessions with your coach at that time. If you pause your coaching series, you understand and agree that any further coaching sessions will be at the fee then in effect at that time.

You understand and agree that you will complete your assigned “homework” and return it to your coach no later than 24 hours before your next session. Your homework is your key to unlock your next session, and if you fail to turn it in, your sessions will pause until you do, which does count toward your one-year deadline explained above.

Coaching Refund Policy: It is solely up to you to decide whether you continue coaching, and if you do, you authorize your coach to continue billing you at the fee agreed upon for each 12-session coaching series. If you choose to stop coaching, you will clearly state your intention to your coach at the end of the 12th session. You understand that in One-on-One coaching, you will receive email summaries of your coaching, as well as high-performance tools from your coach to help you advance outside the hour-long sessions.

Coaching Retreats

You understand and agree that all the Terms and Conditions of Coaching above apply to you, with the exception of email summaries of the sessions: you will need to make your own notes during the sessions as no email summaries will be provided. The high-performance tools from your coach will be handed out at each session.

You agree that your fee otherwise pays for the services, room, board, and activities described, and any other room nights, activities, board, or other amenities and/or services you choose to add to your experience must be negotiated with the facility directly, and paid to them directly. You further agree to hold harmless the Coach and the facility for any injuries, illnesses, or other misfortunes that you may suffer before, during, or after the event.

You agree that any damage you cause to the facility will be billed directly to you by the facility, and agree to third-party mediation if you disagree with the amount charged for such damage, and that the mediator’s decision will be final.

Photographic Release: You understand and agree that many of the events during Retreats will be photographed (this includes any kind of image capturing, including video and still photography). Such photos may be used in the documentation of and/or promotion of Kit Cassingham’s Retreats, and/or her social media illustrations, and agree to such use without compensation.

Coaching Retreat Refund Policy: You understand and agree that if you cancel more than one month before the event start, you will receive a full refund less a processing fee of $250 for a single person, or $400 for a couple. If you cancel less than one month before the event start, you will receive a $2,000 refund for coaching, and the remainder of your fee will be forfeited. In addition, you may decide at the end of the first morning’s session that you do not wish to continue with the coaching, and agree that you will be refunded $2,000 of your fee for coaching, and will not participate in further activities with the coach or other attendees. You may stay in your room for the paid-for dates, and may pay your own way for any other amenities or services you choose to use, or you may choose to leave. In any case, you agree you will receive no further refund.

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