Some Of The Ways You’re Getting Better — Not Older

I was listening to some music recently and heard the phrase, “Oldies but goodies.” I had to stop and think about that for a second since here I am promoting that getting older is getting better. So, having the oldies but goodies seemed like a negative twist on that. Yeah, it’s saying we like them, but there’s still a ding, a put down in that. There’s something there that’s unsettling.

It got me to thinking about the article I recently wrote called You’re Getting Better — Not Older. The message I’m trying to get out there is that we all are getting older. And older is not a sentence. It’s not punishment. It’s a fact of life. You have a choice in how you get older. And if you choose to get better as you get older, life’s a lot more fun!

I think that’s the point I want to make. Children have oodles of fun. They squeal, and laugh, and run, and jump, and carry on. And as we get older, most people get more serious. “Life’s a serious event. We’ve got to take it seriously.” No! Take it seriously but have fun while you’re doing it. In the article, I made the point that with enough sleep, enough movement, and enough laughter, life will start getting better. You’ll start getting better. But I’ve got to say that, even with enough sleep, and movement, and laughter, if your attitude isn’t right, sleep, movement, and laughter aren’t going to be enough. Your mindset has to be youthful.

So, start practicing today being more youthful. Laugh a lot more. Play more. When was the last time you skipped down the street, or jumped up and down on benches, or walked on the curb? Are you keeping your muscles strong to maintain the strength and energy it takes to be vibrant — to be like a kid? That’s important. And I’ll talk about that more in other articles and videos. But I just wanted to quickly pop in here to say that oldies and goodies are what we want in life, be it your music, your attitude, your overall life.


The original article can be read here: You’re Getting Better — Not Older/

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