The Strategy Session

If you’re not sure how this would all work, you can start with a risk-free, two-hour LIFE Strategy Session, where you will take the first steps toward knowing how to:

  • think like the world’s most accomplished and influential people.
  • increase your physical and mental energies.
  • successfully manage your time (something most people fail at doing).
  • define your purpose and mission, and to get traction in your life.
  • use the #1 productivity secret of the world’s Highest Performers.

This step is the beginning of your path to high performance living. Once you pay the $197 fee, you will  be sent the link to the intake questionnaire that you fill out in detail fully and honestly. Then I will schedule the two-hour session with you. If you don’t agree that your are totally awed by the value you get in the first hour, we’ll stop and your fee will be refunded. I seriously want all of your coaching experience with me to be totally worth the investment of time and money, starting with the Strategy Session. If you agree the first hour is valuable, we’ll continue with the second hour. Then you decide how you want to proceed — and I’ll apply your $197 fee to whatever coaching package you choose.

Sign up for your two-hour risk-free Strategy Session to experience your first taste of gaining clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence. I’ll then send you the password to the Strategy Session Questionnaire. Once you’ve filled it out fully and honestly, I’ll schedule our call (on the phone or Skype).