LIFE Challenge: October 2016 — Choose Effectively (Busy is a choice. Stress is a choice. Joy is a choice. Choose well.)

Are you choosing your life, or are you letting it run you? Your life can be comprised of outside forces like friends and family, work, your commitments, and any number of other forces It can also be your personal wants and needs, dreams and goals.

What choices are you making?

LIFE Challenge: September 2016 — Fences (aka Rules, Boudaries, and Limitations)

Check in with yourself to see what kinds of “fences” you have in your life to help guide your behavior to the world, and what you will allow from the world. How are you using “fences” in your life? Do they help you form habits, guide your focus, curb your distractions, or support your decisiveness? What else do they do for you?