Surviving the Holidays
Two Weeks to Learn How to Survive the Holidays

Holidays mean something different to everyone.
Too often they mean stress, anxiety, and disenchantment.
I believe there is a better way.

Remember the anticipation and excitement of the holidays when you were a kid?

Decorations, Treats and good food. Traditions.

Has that joy left you, replaced by the dread of travel, family or office interactions, or over-eating or -drinking?

Has your childhood anticipation and excitement been replaced by stress and the feeling of being burdened or obligated?

Or maybe you always had dread of the holidays?

Maybe your joy of the holidays was stolen from you because of a loss.

Has the spark of the holidays disappeared? You aren’t alone.

Have holidays become chores? You aren’t alone.

Has the magic slipped away? You aren’t alone.

I’ve been in your shoes AND I have the answer for you.

There’s a better way, and I can get you there in two weeks.


Who’s This Program For?

The Overwhelmed
You feel overwhelmed by the obligations. You feel stressed by the expectations of buying, wrapping, and sending gifts. You struggle to keep your busy life on track while accommodating holiday activities. When you learn to take control of your life, you’ll start surviving the holidays on your terms.

The Left Behind
Your energy has been sapped. Your kids have left home. You’re single and don’t want to be. A close family member died, maybe near the holidays. When you learn to fill your heart in other ways, you’ll start surviving the holidays in more joyous ways.

The Disconnected
Your joy is lost. You’re a first responder and have been on duty for too many holiday tragedies. You either don’t believe in overspending or you can’t afford to. When you learn to see the holidays differently, you’ll start surviving the holidays on your own terms.

Hi there!

I’m Kit. I’ve been walking this Transformation path for a long time. My holiday issues are probably different from yours, but they are just as real, just as intrusive. Through my years of coaching, I’ve come to realize that there is more than one way to look at uncomfortable situations. There is more than one way to create a life of joy and contentment.

Learning how to see your options lets you learn to better handle uncomfortable situations. Learning to create your life with your values in place lets you create satisfying situations that support your joy and contentment.

I’ve been coaching for over 30 years now. I’ve struggled with feeling angry, alone, and overwhelmed. I’ve experienced resistance to change. Along the way, I’ve learned what taking control of my life means, especially around holidays. I’ve learned there are lots of holidays with their specific expectations and demands. I’ve also come to understand what happens when people let fear of not conforming rule them and the thought of “I can’t” block them — and what happens when you face those situations and attitudes. As I worked my way through my issues, it strengthened my coaching and understanding of my clients’ issues.

You can benefit from adopting the right mindset for your life and learning the tools I’ve developed to help so many people change from that feeling of being stuck, immobilized, and frozen by holiday challenges to the feeling of contentment, joy, and vibrant energy.

I want to do the same for you!

You’re just a click away from changing how you approach your emotions that arise from uncomfortable holiday situations and an “I can’t” attitude, and bring control, especially around the holidays, to the forefront of your life.

So, here’s what we’re going to do together

We’re going to reduce the anxiety, worry, resistance, and stress you feel around holidays by incorporating the ideas I’ve developed through the years.

This is a process I’ve lived and refined so you don’t need to fight the emotions that raise an “I can’t” attitude and overwhelm so that you can step out of their shadow.

And, we are going to do it all in two weeks. Register for the group mini-coaching program today!

You are going to get access to me at an incredibly affordable price. My typical hourly rate starts at $300 — and if we are going to work together once a week, that comes to $600 for two weeks. But, I’m charging much less than that for this program — making the price for this program a steal. The 90 minutes we meet each week to explore the holiday distress in your life will be spent with you learning the mindset and tools you need to transform your dread and overwhelm into joy and contentment. You will gain insights and ideas so you can live your life more comfortably, joyfully, and successfully.

So, if you’re all in, sign up now.

Surviving the Holidays

Two weeks to Thriving with Joy, Energy, and Freedom

Your investment: $87

Value: Priceless

Classes: Monday, November 29,  and December 6, 2021

Select either the session at 11:00 A.M. Mountain Time or 5:00 P.M. Mountain Time.

With one holiday under your belt, you will be primed for making the coming holidays joyous. Say “Yes!” to making your future holidays look and feel the way you want them to feel — putting you on the path for Surviving the Holidays.

What We’ll Work On

It’s all laid out for you: all you have to do is show up, follow my directions,
and feel more in control starting week one.

Week 1: Your Energy Management & Boundaries

You’ll learn how your lifestyle supports or hinders living with abundant energy and joy. This is a foundational element of Surviving the Holidays. Learn how boundaries help guide you to maintain control of your behavior, thoughts, and emotions. This is vital to your Surviving the Holidays.

Week 2: Feeling Your Feelings &  Adaptability

Discover how actually feeling your feelings helps you get and stay in control of your situations and life. This is paramount to your survival — during the holidays or any situation that can raise stress. Discover how being flexible with life’s experiences helps you survive the holidays — and life in general.

Surviving the Holidays

Two weeks to Thriving with Joy, Energy, and Freedom

Value: Priceless

Your investment: $87

Schedule: November 29, & December 6, 2021.

So, if you’re all in, I need to hear from you now.

Let’s Learn Together!

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What My Clients Say About Working With Me

If you’re thinking of taking the program, do it. Invest in yourself and your growth. Kit is really great at helping anyone to unleash their full potential.
—Eugina Jordan, VP Marketing – Massachusetts

Welcome to the beginning of doing what you want to do. I feel that with the techniques, encouragement, and help I received, my changes are mine for life. My hope and advice for you: sign-up, attend the sessions, do the work, and find the tools to begin changing your life for the better!
—M. George, Retired – Colorado

My primary benefit of this course was unexpected: a 10x improvement in productivity. Was that a fluke? No! I gained an increased awareness of where Fear holds me back in my life and business, and a framework for overcoming that fear. It turns out much of my procrastination was rooted in holding back due to various fears. With Kit’s framework, I was able to move past them.
—Don Downs, RV Business Coach – North Carolina

Kit provided a tool that not only made sense but also was easy to apply to my life immediately. I applied her tools, which helped me more than the 20 sessions I spent with a psychologist to overcome some PTSD from a car accident. The tools have helped change my mindset to one of action vs staying stuck in fear. I highly working with Kit.
—Rebecca Fuller, Intuitive Coach & Consultant – Alberta, Canada

I’ve never been asked to answer so many questions about myself, my dreams, my stumbling blocks. I’ve always wanted to save the world. I now have ideas for places to focus my energy and talents where they might do the most good for the world and be the most fun for myself.
—Gloria Krusemeyer, System Analyst – Minnesota

Kit helped me see how many of my thinking patterns were holding me back — even sabotaging me — in my journey to be the best me that I can be. Plus, she gave me the tools to work through these challenges of change on a daily basis without being overwhelmed and giving up. Loved the interactions with the group!
—Marty Schafer, Virtual Assistant – Texas

The program took me on a deep dive into thoughts and behaviours that were being dictated by fears I didn’t even consciously know I had. I signed up for this course without even paying attention to the topic because I knew, after the first experience with Kit, this one would be great. I was right. I’m diving into two more programs with Kit, too.
—Lindsey Ross, Landscape Architect – Ontario, Canada

The number one benefit has been renewed confidence. Kit’s tools provided a way for me to examine my experiences and uncover the root fears. I am proving to myself daily that indeed I am more than able to move forward with my dreams and goals. Thanks Kit for your incredible guidance!
—Megan Bromirski, Artist – Colorado

Tell yourself a different story, one step at a time…

  • Simplify your stories. A common mistake is that you believe the stories you tell yourself. I’ll help you see there are better stories to tell — stories that will lift your life.
  • Step by step, you’ll learn to apply my steps for Surviving the Holidays. I’ll push you hard to get this process.
  • Drop expectations of how your past directs you, and your future guides you when it comes to your anxiety. That judgment won’t get you anywhere. You’ll learn how to manage your thoughts to benefit you, not control you — to put you in control.
  • You’ll learn to tell positive stories and live in action. Feel the power and joy in that!
  • Your transformation will be as big as you will let it be. Your joy around the holidays will be as fabulous as you let it be.

Through the two-week program, you’ll gain more confidence to live your truth, and experience the joy, peace, and freedom of a fear-free life. It’s not that you won’t ever experience that holiday stress again, it’s that you will have the mindset and steps to transform that holiday stress with powerful, true stories. When you engage in the conversations and homework each week, you’ll develop a strong foundation for living an empowered life.

What Are You Waiting For?

Join me for this one-of-a-kind program to help you learn to Survive the Holidays. I’ll guide you to develop the mindset and learn the steps that will help you get into control and take action for a refreshing feel of freedom. Enjoy the success that comes with that. What an energizing approach to your life!

I am so excited to teach you the steps and mindset that have helped me in Surviving the Holidays — time and again.

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