The LIFE Coaching Program Options

Yes, there is plenty to absorb in regards to the options you have with my coaching programs. Because there were so many questions as well as a sense of feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, I have created a page just for showing you the options for how you can grow through my various programs to get the high performance life you want — to live in focused energy. I’m a coach and can help you along the path!

Here’s the menu of options of what you get and, what your investment is for each package.

  1. Dedicated LIFE High Performance Coaching: Strategy Session PLUS the 12-session LIFE High Performance Coaching program PLUS the 12-session Dynamic LIFE program PLUS a secret Facebook group for interacting with others in the program PLUS six months of monthly group calls for tune-ups and continued support. — $12,000
  2. Extended LIFE High Performance Coaching: Strategy Session PLUS 12-session High Performance Coaching program PLUS the 12-session Dynamic LIFE Coaching program. — $8,700
  3. Dynamic LIFE Coaching: A follow-on to the High Performance Coaching program, 12 more sessions as detailed below. The LIFE High Performance Coaching is a prerequisite to this coaching program. — $5,000
  4. LIFE High Performance Coaching: Strategy Session PLUS the 12-session High Performance Coaching program. — $5,000
  5. Mini-custom Intensive LIFE High Performance Coaching: Strategy Session + Mini-custom Intensive 3-session High Performance Coaching program on the topics you need the most help with. — $1,797
  6. Strategy Session$197

Strategy Session: This risk-free two-hour option is the chance we have to get to know each other as I explore your wants and needs with you, your pains and pleasure, and your hopes and fears. You are introduced to the five areas that lead to a more fulfilling life: Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity, and Influence. I learn about you through asking some challenging questions and probe for deeper issues to investigate with you. This session exposes or uncovers what it is you ultimately want to work on to reach your high performance life and to learn to completely live in focused energy. You’ll learn a lot about yourself through the questions you answer and the insights you gain. That’s the knowledge that will help you decide if you are ready to tackle the challenges and up your game, to make a profound and positive shift in your life. This is a requirement for all subsequent coaching programs.

Mini-custom Intensive LIFE High Performance Coaching: You may discover during your Strategy Session that you want to start with fine-tuning a few basic issues of your life. This is the option that lets you customize your coaching program by choosing three topics from the Strategy Session to work. Each topic is covered in a one-hour session. This option combines with the Deep Dive for a transformational four sessions for you.

LIFE High Performance Coaching: During these twelve sessions, usually completed in as many weeks, you further explore areas you discovered in the Deep Dive you want to improve. We’ll work on your Cognitive Universe. Everyone can be better than they are. This is the time to start overcoming the issues that hold you back from being and doing your best at what’s important to you. These twelve sessions help you create the high performance mindset. Having found your emotional truths in the Strategy Session, you can now start transforming yourself into your best you. You’ll go even deeper into the five areas of high performance you were introduced to in the Deep Dive so you can increase your clarity, improve your energy, strengthen your courage, raise your productivity, and hone your influence. Then you’ll start the mastery of your psychology, physiology, presence, productivity, persuasion, and purpose. This option includes the Strategy Session.

Dynamic LIFE Coaching: This  series reinforces your growth along the high performance living path. The work you do here supports what you accomplish the previous twelve weeks. We’ll work on your Emotional Universe. This series supports you becoming a truly  free and alive person. How? Learn to consciously design your life. You’ll progress from living from automatic desires to more forward drives that help you radically advance your life. You can perform at even higher levels of joy, presence, mindfulness, and productivity with the skills you develop and polish during these twelve sessions. This series helps you create the high performance heart. and soul. Your life is like a tapestry, and you can weave it to be as vibrant or muted as you want. The design and colors of your tapestry are your choosing, and they make the richness, meaningfulness, and connections that are your desired life. With your permission, I’ll rattle your cage to get you to grow to greater enthusiasm for life. Leave your life of mediocrity and grow to a live of extraordinary engagement. Completing the Dynamic LIFE Coaching is a prerequisite of this coaching program.

Extended LIFE High Performance Coaching: This is the coaching series that combines the Life High Performance Coaching and the Dynamic LIFE Coaching into one powerful, money-saving option. Choosing this option ensures your growth along the exciting high performance living path you have chose. And you save $294 when you buy the package or add the Dedicated LIFE High Performance Coaching series within the first month of starting your LIFE High Performance Coaching program.

Dedicated LIFE High Performance Coaching: With this option, you really cement the work and progress you’ve made in the 24 LIFE coaching sessions. First, there is your success at having focused on your growth and development for several months. Then, add the secret Facebook group where you and others in the same program can support each other and get even more ideas for how to grow and solidify your development. Finally, the  additional six months of support through monthly group calls. I lead the calls. It’s attended by the others on your path, the same people in your secret group. You can interact more personally on the calls than you can in the secret Facebook group.. Growth of this nature is more secure when you surround yourself by others growing the same way. There will be trials and tribulations along the way, and this aspect of the program smooths the way and gives you more ways to manage the growth. This is the crowning glory of your transformation.

Those who understand this kind of growth being offered by my coaching takes time and persistence will understand this option is the most powerful step they can take. It takes consistent and continued effort on your part, the able guidance of a trusted coach, and support of  others pursuing the same path. This option gives you all you need to establish your high performance life.