Develop Your Why, How, & What

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Learn your Why to identify your unique gifts, and how to live with passion doing what you are best at doing.

I am certified by the Why Institute, trained by Simon Sinek’s team, and have worked with the Why concept since 2014. I really enjoy guiding people through the process of finding their Why and exploring how it impacts their Hows, and Whats.

Your “Hows and Whats” are the way you proceed through life. What you do and How you do it in your personal or professional life. It’s also reflected in your hobbies and other aspects of your life. Your Why is the connecting thread of all those interactions. Knowing your Why, How, and What help you live in integrity within your beliefs and values.

This is a 60-ish minute one-on-one session to give you a more complete picture of how you design and navigate your world, what you have to give, and how you can get the most from your life.


1 review for Develop Your Why, How, & What

  1. 5 out of 5


    I took an online test at a supposedly “expert in the field” organization to discover my Why. They insisted there are just a few “Whys” in the human experience, and assigned one to me — and I had no idea what I could DO with that. They naturally pitched me on their “What” and “How” next, for a much higher price, but I wanted to understand and I bought in. The “webinar” with a bunch of people was so lame they had to pad the time with needless exercises just so they wouldn’t be done in 10 minutes. And I had no more clarity….

    Until I “sat down” one-on-one with Kit (she uses Zoom). NOW I have much more clarity! She doesn’t force you into a box, she works with you to understand what drives you and how you can then apply that information to your life and business. And it all cost less than that other place. As a trained coach she was able to dig much more deeply in to it, and quite quickly. This is definitely the way to go.

    • Kit Cassingham

      It was a real treat to work with you, James. Your engagement and interest in figuring out your Why Session was refreshing, and you made the process even more fun than usual. Thank you for your time and energy.

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