The LIFE High Performance Coaching Program

The 12-session LIFE High Performance Coaching Program is the Cognitive Universe work with clients.

This is what your Coaching Experience will include:
  1. Twelve one-hour personal coaching sessions where we explore your issues around the topic of the day, discuss your questions, probe into your ideas on making changes, and discuss ways to integrate suggestions on making bigger changes. Topics include things like gaining more clarity, breaking “bad” habits, elevating your confidence in all areas of your life, increasing your mental and physical energy, growing your influence, augmenting your productivity, improving your health. Also organization, mindset, performance, mission, persuasion, attitude, goals, and listening are woven through your sessions.
  2. Written summary of each session which includes your plan for the week. This document becomes a reminder of the breakthroughs you had during each session, a record of the actions you suggested and agreed to take, and even of the wisdom you pulled from your depths as we discussed the various topics so that you realized what you needed to do.
  3. Additional resources like exercises that I either taught you during a session or ones I think will further your goals, books that support your interests, worksheets for more introspection, and links to sites that will give you new perspectives.

The sessions are geared toward helping you become your best. No matter how strong you are in all the areas of your life, you can be a higher performer and more energetic. I’m not there to solve problems for you, but to guide you to find your own truths. The world’s highest performers use coaches to push themselves to better and higher levels of performance. That’s what you get when you work with me: someone who will push you through to more truth and commitment.

This is intense work, guided by one-on-one sessions, typically an hour each week, and then some “homework” you need to do, which I’ll help guide you by providing a summary of our time together. This self-investment is $5,000.

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