Focus Coach

I am Kit Cassingham, Founder and Chief Energizing Officer of Live In Focused Energy. I help entrepreneurs, innkeepers, and people with ADD experience more focus  and energy so they get more from LIFE. You too can get that with grace and ease, rather than struggling to reach your goals and dreams.

Living In Focused Energy means that you are actively putting your attention and energy where you want to live and grow. Longevity is in your cards — start now on making this hand a winner. You attract what you focus on: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Focus on the good for a life worth living (and for a long time). Focus your energy for more vitality, joy, and productivity. Focus your energy for youthful living.

My clients have learned to manage their time and distractions, to replace old habits that didn’t serve them with habits that support the life they want to live, to overcome the fears and negative thoughts that were holding them back, and to take action using the tools I provide in our sessions. You can learn these things too. You too can reach greater heights of energy, focus, and performance for a fuller, more satisfying and gratifying life.

Kit asks questions that you must dig deeply to answer.  She can spot your weaknesses and everywhere you need to be more honest with yourself.  With her guidance over the twelve sessions you move yourself from your current level to a new, higher level.

I would encourage everyone to make this investment in themselves.  Instead of floundering around with vague ideas about your future hopes, instead of grabbing the next self-help book or listening to a TED talk on how to get more out of your life but not really having the energy, focus and commitment to put it into action, get yourself a coach!  Kit has the training and tools, the perfect personality and the compassion to guide you to your own high-performance life.
–Pat, Colorado

Do you often feel exhausted and out of control? The lives created through running old tapes, habits, and circumstances — perceived and real — create exhausting, chaotic lives.

It doesn’t have to be that way. You can get to the end of your day knowing you have been highly productive, hitting your marks, living up to your potential and dreams, and still having energy and focus. High performers get more done with less effort and live more balanced and energetic lives. That doesn’t come naturally to most people. That’s where I come in: to coach you on how to live a focused, energetic, balanced life for high performance, with clarity, courage, and influence.

That’s the way successful professionals do it — with coaching. Step up to the winner’s box with high performance coaching.

Thoughtful, kind and encouraging are words I would use to describe Kit’s coaching ability and awareness.  She also knows when to push you a little, or a lot, to help you put into words the changes you are striving to make in yourself and then flow those changes out into your personal and business life.

Working with Kit has opened many opportunities for me and I look forward to many more exciting and unexpected opportunities to come my way because of our collaboration.
–Lynn, Colorado

The high performance coaching model I have been trained in gives me a structure with which to guide you to experience a heightened level of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence by mastering your psychology, physiology, persuasion, productivity, presence, and purpose.

Focused high performance living is that ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self. It is the result of sustained levels of focus, energy, confidence, productivity, and influence, and it results in more mindfulness and success with grace and ease.

Although the initial Deep Dive no doubt follows a format, Kit readily and willingly went “off-script” when I got stuck on Clarity and my Purpose. She pursued a couple of lines of questioning to find one that resonated and left me with homework to work out the details.

Her fluid and skilled coaching absolutely guided me to greater Clarity, and her gentle, but serious and probing, questions encouraged me to be openly introspective without fear of judgment or “staying on script”. At several points, she offered her expertise and knowledge as friendly advice, not as directives.

Overall her style allowed me to peer inside myself … and through the fog and noise of my own self-talk to see clearly the vision (again) for my work and my life.

Not only does Kit have the skills to be a highly effective, i.e. high performing, coach but the heart and humility to truly serve her clients. This is certainly her gift, whether she’s coaching about professional and practical issues or the softer stuff of the heart.
–Gene, New Jersey

I am one of only several hundred Certified High Performance Coaches in the world. With my guidance, you’ll break through blocks that have been holding you back in life. Now is your time!

My diverse background includes over 28 years of business and personal consulting and coaching on how to run successful businesses, rather than being run by those businesses. I’ve seen and experienced what out-of-balance living can do, and have helped hundreds around the world get back into balance.

With this unique experience and framework, I will guide you to great outcomes through directed and personalized one-on-one interaction. You will take the steps to make the changes in your life to achieve your goal of focus, energy, high performance, and living up to your full potential with the level of support you need. Magic is about to happen!

Every coach needs a coach. For a High Performance Coach to sustain a high level of performance, a good coach and mentor is invaluable.

Kit is that coach for me. She has a beautiful way of summarizing and reflecting back my answers to her relevant and relentless questions. She is able to make me feel empowered and has instilled more self confidence in me, which is so important when dealing with life’s ongoing challenges. She has the skills to make you stretch to a level of performance you did not know you had in you. My life feels richer and I feel that with her as my coach, my life is a guaranteed success.
–Erna, British Columbia

Have you ever felt fully engaged and like a winner? It’s a great feeling! Step up. You’re ready to go for the gold in your life. You’re ready to feel confident, fully engaged, focused, and balanced — to not only feel that win again but feel it often. It’s time to act. Do it!

Couples and group rates are available.

This is a Lot. How Do I Get Started?

Take a step toward your future with the Strategy Session, which is a two-hour risk-free introduction to high performance coaching to uncover where you are in your progress to high performance living. Action overcomes fear and stagnation.

I got so much out of the Strategy Session that I couldn’t sign up fast enough to take the 12-session program.
–Pat, Colorado